We have programmed our website following accessibility guidelines and web standards.

We try to maintain WAI Level Double-A accessibility.

We strive to achieve and maintain levels of accessibility that conform to the Double-A standard, but in reality it is very hard for a large website with so many authors to maintain such compliance.

Through further development of our web services and the help of our 3rd party suppliers we are striving to improve our compliance and aim to attain the WAI Level Triple-A standard as soon as possible.

The site is developed using valid HTML (v5) and CSS (v3). Our site content is separated from presentational elements, which makes it available to any visitors that use technologies such as a screen reader or text only browser.

You may confirm the validity of our XHTML at http://validator.w3.org/ and CSS at http://jigsaw.w3.org/css-validator/

What is an accessible website?

An accessible site is one that accommodates the full range of users. Designing for accessibility therefore means accepting that, for online information, there is:

no standard information user, and,
no standard device for browsing information
An accessible website does not exclude anybody due to:

their abilities, or
the method they choose to access the web
Accessible websites prioritise clear content, structure and ease of navigation over frilly aspects of design, however they also need not be visually unattractive, nor are they prevented from using the latest web technologies, provided that all information is still accessible to users.

Changing text size and contrast

You can use the icons at the top of every web page to change the size of the text that appears on this website, as well as change the pages to a high visibility colour scheme.