Advanced communication skills refresher

29 November 2019

Oxford Centre for Education and Research in Palliative Care, Sobell Study Centre, Oxford

£180 (includes refreshments and lunch)

Facilitators: Helena Bridgman & Kate Butcher

The purpose of the course is to reflect and refresh on previous experiential learning in Advanced /Enhanced communication Skills, and how this has transferred back into the workplace.

It has become apparent that much of the feedback received about care is focussed upon communication issues, and evidence indicates that competence gained through attendance at training courses diminishes through time. This study day aims to refresh the practice of skills at a senior level, using simulated scenarios to readdress issues that may have proved problematic in practice. Using a team approach in a safe environment, participants will be offered the opportunity to use micro skills and strategies, interacting with an experienced facilitator and actor, in order to bridge the gap between theory and practice.

This course is suitable for senior health & social care professionals working in multidisciplinary teams who have previously undertaken the Advanced/Enhanced Communication Skills Training workshop.

(We recommend that this was undertaken at least a year previously)

Course programme, further details and bookings via website

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