Advanced Ethics in palliative and end of life care

03 April 2020

Oxford Centre for Education and Research in Palliative Care

St Anne’s College, Oxford

£180 (includes refreshments and lunch)

Chairs: Dr Mary Miller & Professor Derek Willis

Facilitators: Dr Idris Baker, Nigel Warburton, Professor Dominic Wilkinson, Professor Derek Willis

Healthcare practitioners examine facts and weigh up options with patients and those they love as part of everyday practice. This conference offers an opportunity to think in detail about a selection of ethical dilemmas, to discuss and to debate your thoughts. It will enhance your skills and offer you strategies for thinking through complex issues.

This conference builds on skills acquired by doctors on the Basic Ethics course (ASP conference on Ethics 20/21.01.2020).

It is open to all but assumes that you have an interest in ethics and experience in practice.

Course programme, further details and bookings via website


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