Consciousness and Spiritual Experience during the Dying Process

Taking place at the Royal Society of Medicine in London, this is the first time that an academic institution has looked closely at the spiritual events of the dying process. Much of the data to be presented goes against the simple switching off of consciousness.

Monika Renz, a palliative care worker and theologian, will be speaking about her own research examining the change in mental state which many people experience up to death itself. Sue Brayne, a palliative care worker who is very involved in the spiritual care of the dying, will discuss the experiences of the dying and their significance for our understanding of consciousness. Dr Peter Fenwick will also be talking about the significance of other deathbed phenomena which again point to a spiritual extension of the dying process. Finally, Hermione Elliott will talk about Doulas and their support of the dying – Living and Dying Well.

You will gain an understanding of the stages a dying person may experience, and learn how they can be supported during this time.

You’ll also develop an appreciation of non-duality and the changes of consciousness that people may experience as they die will be covered.

Other topics include management of terminal anxiety.

For more information and to book visit Royal Society of Medicine

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