From DoLS to Liberty Protection Safeguards: Managing the Interim


This half day masterclass, facilitated by barrister Alex Ruck Keene, will look in detail at all aspects of deprivation of liberty at present, and give very practical advice as to the legal framework as it stands.  With LPS coming down the line in April 2022, the masterclass will also look at how to apply LPS thinking now so as to implement its core message: that deprivation of liberty is everyone’s business.With the delay to the implementation of the Liberty Protection Safeguards until April 2022, and with the pressures of COVID-19 continuing, all those concerned with delivering care and treatment to those with impaired decision-making capacity have to take stock of how lawfully to operate DoLS and how best to make applications for judicial authorisation where DoLs does not apply (including in respect of those aged 16 and 17, following the decision of the Supreme Court in Re D in September 2019).

Those required to secure that care and treatment being delivered in institutional or community settings to those aged 16 and above is lawful, including local authorities, those working in hospitals and care homes, and Clinical Commissioning Groups should attend.

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