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A part-time training and development course for people wishing to become ‘Quietude Practitioners’ ~ offering spiritual companionship to those crossing the threshold of death. 

  • Do you sense a calling for this work?
  • Are you looking for a new direction?
  • Are you involved in end of life care?

Quietude is for those who wish to offer emotional and spiritual support to people who are in need of end of life care. It is a path of development for everyone open to the idea of life after death whatever your faith or doubts.

This course will deepen your ability to accompany people in what can often be a time of crisis, vulnerability and questioning but also seen as an opportunity for renewal.


Sept: Fri 18th 19.30 – Sun 20th 12.30
The stages in the Dying Process

Oct: Fri 16th 19.30 – Sun 18th 12.30
Practical steps, & ‘M’ Technique® Hand & Foot Course

Nov: Fri 27th 19.30 – Sun 29th 12.30
Building connection & bridging worlds

Jan: Fri 22nd 19.30 – Sun 24th 12.30
Standing on the Threshold

March: Fri 19th 19.30 – Sun 21st 12.30
What happens after we die?

April: Fri 23rd 19.30 – Sun 25th 12.30
Our personal journey with death

June: Fri 4th 19.00 – Sun 6th 12.30
Honouring those who have died, and our own achievements


  • What can happen in the stages of dying, at death and after death
  • The types of support needed by those losing a loved one
  • How to give comfort and relief through the art of gentle therapeutic touch : ‘M’ Technique®
  • The practical tasks around death (e.g. writing a will, planning a funeral, helping someone think how and where they would like to die)
  • To deepen your own sense of Presence needed for the art of accompanying
  • To support someone in talking about and reflecting upon their life (biography work)
  • How to come to a place of peace in your personal journey with grief and loss, and your own feelings about death and dying
  • To develop a practice of spiritual presence through meditation, mindfulness, quiet contemplation and listening.
  • To become confident in offering blessings or prayers


Quietude is a rich and rewarding course which provides an excellent CPD training for people in the caring and medical professions as well as for volunteers, chaplains or Interfaith ministers looking to deepen their service to others.

‘Quietude Practitioner’ and ‘M’ Technique® Certificates will be given to all students who complete the course.

Course leader – Annie Blampied-Radojcin


*Includes materials but excludes accommodation, meals and travel costs. Payment Plans and a small number of bursaries and grants are available.

For more information see: http://www.emerson.org.uk/quietude