Rhythmical Einreibung Foundation Course

A Foundation Course in the Art of Rhythmical Einreibung

  • Are you a nurse, carer, masseur, naturopath, body worker, or health care professional?
  • Do you treat frail or sensitive patients?
  • Are you looking for a more gentle therapy for your clients?

Rhythmical Einreibung is a very gentle method of therapeutic touch developed for nurses and carers and useful for everyone working in caring or healing professions. It focusses and strengthens the patient’s powers of self-healing through the art of rhythmical touch and is used to warm, calm and harmonise the body to provide comfort and relief. Because of its gentle, calming nature it can be very beneficial for patients who are too frail or sensitive for other hands-on therapies, including those who are at end of life. In palliative care therapeutic touch can relieve anxiety, and reduce feelings of fear, through relaxation a positive effect on symptoms including pain and shortness of breath can be experienced.

The programme is delivered over 2 modules of 5 days each and one module of 2.5 days over the period of a year. The duration of the programme is designed to allow the participants to practice and develop the skills they are learning over time. Participants will carry out and report on 10 part RE treatments on family and friends.


  • The key qualities of Rhythmical Einreibung as a form of therapeutic healing touch
  • What methods of rhythmical touch can be used for different part of the body
  • How to work with warmth, rhythm and flow
  • How to position and cover clients to ensure comfort
  • How and when to use Rhythmical Einreibung for different parts of the body
  • The healing qualities of different oils and ointments
  • Self-reflection: how to evaluate each treatment

Who can apply? 

This course is open to members of medical and allied professions, carers and non-professionals. No prior experience is required.


This course provides an excellent CPD training for people in the caring, medical professions as well as those working in the fields of holistic medicine, naturopathy and bodywork. Certificates will be given to all students who complete the course.

Further progression

The Foundation Course allows access to further courses in the Rhythmical Einreibung Programme
Following successful completion of the Foundation Course participants can progress to the Whole Body Einreibung, Five Point Einreibung and Organ Einreibung Courses.

Course Fees

The course fee is £1,500

Full payment of course fees is required before issuance of Certificate.  Registration for verification and certification of the programmes is included in the course fee. Accommodation, meals and travel costs are in addition.

2020/2021 Course Dates

Module 1: Oct 2020: Mon 19th – Fri 23rd

Module 2: Feb 2021: Mon 8th – Fri 12th

Module 3: June 2021: Fri 11th – Sun 13th

Full attendance is required to achieve the Quality Mark Certificate.

Course Leader – Fiona Sim

For more information see: http://www.emerson.org.uk/rhythmical-einreibung

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