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A ‘hearty’ welcome to our new website, featuring our new logo and branding

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The ‘orange heart’ has been seen and used universally as a symbol for care and friendship. It is seen as being ‘heart-warming and encouraging’ and used as a symbol of ‘always being there for me’ – values that connect with palliative care. It is now the new symbol of the palliative care sector, and our website has been updated to reflect that.  The eight ‘sparks’ coming from the heart give it a sense of motion, a beating heart that points to the life palliative care supports; the sparks also represent Australia’s eight states and territories and the role we all play in the delivery of palliative care. “With the new logo and brand, we seek to capture and represent the warmth and spirit of the palliative care sector, the connection that health professionals and volunteers share with patients and families and the close bonds that form during each person’s unique palliative care journey,” says Ian Campbell, National Communications Director, Palliative Care Australia.   Here’s what people have been saying about our new branding:  “The heart is what keeps you alive. It’s about living. I think it’s lovely,” – Nurse Practitioner. “When I first saw the orange heart, I just thought it was the perfect symbol for palliative care because it’s all about care from the heart,” – Cancer patient receiving palliative care. “It’s a really beautiful thing because it’s not a red heart, the heart being orange symbolises a patient’s perspective it says – I am still a person even through my life is changing,” – Palliative care doctor. “I thought of love and compassion when I first saw the orange heart, and the kindness that people give one another,” – Palliative care volunteer. “We’d love to see everyone wearing an orange heart to show their support for the people and families receiving palliative care and those who deliver it,” Mr Campbell says. “National Palliative Care Week from May 19 to 25 will be the perfect opportunity to do that” State and territory members of Palliative Care Australia are also in the process of moving to the new brand during 2024 as we continue to strengthen our collaborative efforts on behalf of the sector and those with life limiting illness.  ——————–   This article is republished from the PCA website with permission. 

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