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Saga of a Cancer Warrior

Rose Day celebration

A loving family full of joy and laughter A child with bubbly personality, mischief, Young beautiful girl A wife managing the entire home Head of the family husband, together enjoying the family life. Then comes the sudden signal of discomfort, pain, nagging cough, fever, unusual bleeding, Lumps, and swelling are interpreted by doctors as common ailments curable with antibiotics course. Time passes… but NO relief to the symptoms   After loss of precious time, the family reaches world renowned TATA Memorial Hospital, Mumbai. Registration of the case followed by a battery of tests. Pathology, x-rays, CT scan, PET scan, MRI, biopsy, and the list goes on. Nerve biting journey of mental, physical, financial, spiritual roller coaster ride begins.   Awaiting the final diagnosis stage of “C” – has the crab invaded deep into the body temple or just the beginning.   Prolonged follow-ups For the family and the innocent child. Chemotherapy, radiation, surgery, immunotherapy, bone marrow transplant. Running pillars to post Collecting funds to save the precious life blessed by God. Many are losing out vital years of education, jobs and business. Some reach the palliative stage, Advised by doctors to spend valuable moments with dear ones at home, Injected with morphine to ease the pain.   TOGETHER WE @DEEPSIKHA TRY OUT BEST To offer emotional and total care, fulfilling their wishes to say the final adieu. Some few fortunate ones manage to live with strong support system and resources. Wishing peace on their onward journey… FOREVER IN OUR HEARTS THEY LIVE! Parul Negi Hon Vice President Resource Mobilization Deepsikha Email: pnegi.deepsikha@gmail.com Mobile no: 9892540740

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