Fourth Annual FHSSA Global Partnership Award presented to outstanding US and African partnership

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The fourth annual FHSSA Global Partnership Award was presented to Gilchrist Hospice Care and Nkoaranga Lutheran Hospital Palliative Care Program of Tanzania. The recipients received the award today at the National Hospice and Palliative Care Organization’s (NHPCO) annual Management and Leadership Conference, an event that brought over 1,200 hospice and palliative care leaders to the Washington, DC area.

The Global Partner Award recognizes the exemplary work of one partnership that has demonstrated leadership, innovation and has significantly contributed to the sustainable development of hospice and palliative care through their FHSSA partnership. The award winner is selected based on creativity in fundraising, partner collaboration, staff contribution and commitment, and community outreach and involvement.

“This partnership has made us a better hospice,” says Catherine Hamel, executive director of Gilchrist Hospice Care, “we have learned the meaning of humility and grace. We are reminded of how powerful it is to make the most of everything you have and how little we actually need to make a meaningful difference in the lives of others.”

Gilchrist Hospice Care demonstrated exceptional effort and commitment to their African hospice partner, Nkoaranga Lutheran Hospital Palliative Care Program. Gilchrist raised over $87,000 in 2013 through a variety of staff and community events and fundraising initiatives. Gilchrist excels in their outreach efforts. To increase awareness, Gilchrist asks Nkoaranga to contribute articles to their quarterly partnership newsletter that is e-mailed to staff, volunteers, donors, community agencies and churches.

The recipient of the award receives a $500 donation for the African hospice partner.

“The partnership between Gilchrist Hospice Care and Nkoaranga Lutheran Hospital Palliative Care Program is an excellent example of a strong and dedicated partnership working together to positively impact palliative care in an area where there is limited resources to provide essential services,” says John Mastrojohn, executive director of FHSSA.    

FHSSA congratulates Gilchrist Hospice and Nkoaranga Lutheran Hospital Palliative Care Program for their commitment to making a lasting impact on palliative care in Africa.

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