Goodbye, au revoir, adeus!!

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We recently bid farewell to 2 long-serving members of the African Palliative Care Association (APCA) staff, Pamela Kalema and Mackuline Atieno. We feel equal parts sad and proud because while we know that we are going to miss them a lot at APCA, we also know that they are going to do well and accomplish greater things in their new endeavours.

Mackuline joined APCA in 2007 and was based in Kenya until she moved to join the HQ team in 2009. She was instrumental in the rollout of APCA’s PFHI project in 7 African countries, as well as several other capacity building initiatives in both East and Southern Africa regions. We shall continue to work closely with her as she heads the Kenya Hospice and Palliative Care Association.

Pamela has been at the helm of APCA’s TCT small grants programme since she joined APCA in 2013, and saw the programme grow from a handful of grants to a multiple-grant programme reaching all regions of Africa including the Portuguese and French-speaking African countries.

To Mackuline and Pamela, we are grateful for your contributions to APCA. In addition to being colleagues, we also enjoyed great friendship with you both, and we will remember you with warm thoughts and memories. Our prayer is that your new positions bring you much happiness and fulfillment. Congratulations and goodbye, au revoir, adeus!!

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