Launch of the Namibian Children’s Palliative Care Network

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Joan Marston, the International Children’s Palliative Care Networks (ICPCN), chief executive officer and Busie Nkosi, ICPCN’s advocacy director, returned to Namibia following their initial visit where they trained a large multi-professional group of doctors, nurses and social workers in an ICPCN course introducing them to children’s palliative care.

On this visit, the ICPCN conducted a Training of Trainers (TOT) course, in an effort to assist participants to become trainers in children’s palliative care, “I was afraid of death and did not really want to come to this course, but now I am grateful to have learned from others, and feel I can take this information back and teach others” said one inspired participant.

In an effort to develop and grow palliative care for children in Namibia, the ICPCN and African Palliative Care Association(APCA) have been working together and launched the Namibian Children’s Palliative Care Network. “We need each other, we should work together, help each other and keep in communication” commented one of the participants, after this exciting development.

On being asked about his thoughts on the TOT course and the launch of the Namibian Children’s Palliative Care Network, one doctor said “this has reinforced why I went into medicine. I must do all I can for children whose families can’t afford private health care”. The ICPCN looks forward to the upcoming developments in children’s palliative care in Namibia. 

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