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4th – 10th May:

Inspiring stories:

  • Uganda: “Love conquers all” – The experience of Liesbeth Riemslag, volunteer – “After reading an interesting article in one of the Dutch local newspapers about the work of Hospice Tororo, I didn’t doubt and immediately send them an email. How wonderful would it be if I could be part of this team. Soon I got the response that I was welcome to join as a volunteer.” Read the full blog on the Tororo Hospice website.

News and views: 

  • East Africa: The East Africa Agenda – Non communicable diseases – Watch the episode of the East Africa Agenda that covers non communicable diseases. From NTV Kenya.
  • Ghana: Will the developing world grow old before it grows rich? – With the global population ageing, Kate Kardol takes a look at the impact this is having on health care provision in Africa. From ehospice.
  • Africa: Malaria hope: Bacteria that make mosquitoes resistant – Researchers have found a strain of bacteria that can infect mosquitoes and make them resistant to the malaria parasite. From BBC Health.
  • Africa: Top 10 malaria innovations ­– The Guardian reports on the best innovations that help eliminate malaria. From The Guardian.
  • South Africa: New medical mobile Xhosa translator launched – Sixth-year medical student and president of SHAWCO Health, Saadiq Moolla, launches Mobile Xhosa site that provides medical translations for students and healthcare practitioners via cell phone. From ehospice. 
  • Uganda: Francophone Initiators Course held at Hospice Africa Uganda – As the second ever Francophone Initiators Course comes to a close at Hospice Africa Uganda, ehospice met up with some of the participants to find out what they had learnt. From ehospice.


  • Africa: ‘Driving forward better care through outcome measurement in routine practice: The use of the APCA African POS’ – Eve Namisango, the Research Manager at APCA and the APCA African POS coordinator, writes on how the development of the ‘Palliative Outcome Scale’ has impacted on care and practice. From APCA.
  • Zimbabwe: The role of community conversations in facilitating local HIV competence: case study from rural Zimbabwe – This paper examines the potential for community conversations to strengthen positive responses to HIV in resource-poor environments. From BMC Public Health.
  • Global: Post-stroke sexual dysfunction: an overlooked and under-addressed problem – Sexual function in post-stroke patients is often disregarded by healthcare professionals although sexuality is a fundamental part of quality of life. From the US National Library of Medicine.
  • South Africa: Estimating HIV prevalence and HIV-related risk behaviors among heterosexual women who have multiple sex partners using respondent-driven sampling in a high-risk community in south africa – The study looked at 845 women (ages 16-44) and found nearly 40 percent accepted rapid HIV testing, revealing a high prevalence rate (29 percent). From AIDSTAR-ONE.
  • Swaziland and Zambia: How informed are clients who consent? – The study evaluated the informed consent process of voluntary medical male circumcision (VMMC) programs in Swaziland and Zambia, focusing on clients’ comprehension of the risks and benefits of male circumcision (MC). From AIDSTAR-ONE.
  • South Africa: Prevalence of HIV among those 15 and older in rural South Africa – To address gaps in understanding the HIV epidemic in South Africa, the authors conducted a cross-sectional biomarker survey of randomly selected rural adults aged 15 and older, and estimated HIV prevalence. From AIDSTAR-ONE.


  • Africa: African palliative care social workers/nurses scholarship fund: An APCA / FHSSA partnership 2013 – the deadline for the African Palliative Care Social Worker/Nurses Scholarship Fund is the 17th May. More information on the APCA website.
  • Liberia: Monitoring and Evaluation Advisor, Health – The IRC are recruiting a M&E advisor. From IRC.


  • Africa: 2013 APCA palliative care journalist award for Africa – The African Palliative Care Association (APCA), with funding from the Open Society Foundations (OSF), is pleased to announce the 2013 APCA Palliative Care Journalist Award for Africa. From APCA.
  • South Africa: ‘Ana’s Passion Earns Her a Spot in the Barclays Citizenship Award in London’ – Ana De Sousa, Branch Manager at ABSA Bank in Pinelands, Cape Town has been nominated as one out of eight finalist for the annual Citizenship Barclays award which will take place in London on 8 June 2013. From ehospice.


  • Uganda: Celebrating 20 years of Hospice Africa Uganda – Events will be taking place throughout the week of 13th – 18th May 2013. From HAU.
  • Kenya: Golfers support Nairobi Hospice in tournament – For the love of hospice work, golfers spent a day in a tournament to assist in raising funds for Nairobi Hospice. From ehospice.
  • Global: Participate in the #hpm and #hpmglobal tweetchats – The #hpm and #hpmglobal tweetchats (Twitter chats) take place twice a week, and it is easy to take part and communicate with other hospice and palliative care professionals. From ehospice.

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