Trudon launches Final Fling website for South Africans

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When the Final Fling website was launched onto the World Wide Web in April 2012, it became the United Kingdom’s first website for end-of-life planning. It immediately made an impression and was named Best New Website by Web User Magazine in May 2012, gaining the title of Most Outstanding Contribution to Understanding Death in the Media in September of the same year. Trudon, the market leading company in local commercial search in southern Africa was intrigued by the site and its instant success and began the process of bringing this unique site into the space.

“Of course, being an online business means Final Fling has users and visitors from all over the globe,” said Founder, Barbara Chalmers. “However servicing death is ultimately a job that has to be done locally, that’s why we’ve struck a deal with partners Trudon to develop a version of the site specific to their territory – South Africa”. Thabo Seopa, MD of Trudon commented, “We pride ourselves on being the go to company for local reliable results and saw a great opportunity to bring this wonderful service, Final Fling, to the South African population. We share Barbara’s vision of revolutionising the way that people apporach death and dying and agree that end of life planning should become as normal as life insurance or pension planning.”

Final Fling is not morbid, but can rather be viewed as a Trip Advisor for ones onward journey, helping people to understand ‘the rules’ and give guidance around otherwise untalked-about eventualities. Final Fling offers users a free account with a Safe Deposit Box in which to record wishes, store essential documents that next of kin will need, create a Will and Advance Directive (that spells out how you want to be treated if you become ill), compare funeral plans, find a funeral director, get expert help with Powers of Attorney and other legal and financial documents. 

There are also a couple of emotionally driven aspects to the site which include starting a Bucket List, something that everyone of every age should do to make sure that they really are enjoying life and its experiences instead of getting caught up in the drudgery of it all and Final Fling’s Treasure Trove, which is exactly that, an online space in which to to record messages and pass on digital legacies like treasured family photos, home movies and stories.

Thabo Seopa of Trudon continued, “We are proud of, which offerseasy-to-use planning tools makes it easier for people to engage. They canbrowse the site in privacy to get ideas, store personal information securely and when they are ready, share it with their chosen networks. They can also appoint atrusted Keyholder who will have access to this information when the time comes, relieving families from the burden of making difficult decisions at an emotional and vulnerable time when someone dies.”

For more information on Final Fling, visit – it is something everyone of every age should do.

This article was first published on the Trudon website

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