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Introduction to the Fundamentals of Palliative Care programme

About the Knowledge Hub

The Knowledge Hub is brought to you by Te Kahu Pairuri o Aotearoa Hospice New Zealand. Its aim is to provide health professionals and carers with education and resources to enable the provision of skilled and competent palliative care.

About the Fundamentals of Palliative Care (Ngā Tūāpapa o te Pairuri Tāngata) programme

The Fundamentals programme will give you an overview of how to care for people with palliative care needs in your role as a healthcare worker. Being educated about palliative care will help you improve the assessment and outcomes for people in your care, their family and whānau, as well as yourself and other healthcare workers.

There are four topics:


Essence focuses on what palliative care is, who is involved, and cultural considerations. It will help you understand the essence and principles of palliative care and what you need to be prepared for when caring for people in New Zealand at the end of life.

The palliative care approach

This topic focuses on the palliative care approach and how understanding ethics, communication and spirituality can help you improve as a healthcare worker and support those receiving care.

Managing pain and long-term illness

Managing pain and long-term illness is split into two sub-topics. In Pain, other symptoms and pharmacology, you will learn the basics of pharmacology, and how you can recognise pain and help people and their family and whānau through it. In Chronic illness and dementia, you will learn how to recognise chronic illness and dementia, the challenges that people diagnosed with these face and how you can support them.

Care and support at the end of life

Care and support at the end of life is about last days of life, loss and grief, with a focus on how to care for everyone and support people in care and their family and whānau.

Completing the programme

You need to complete each online learning and workshop component to complete the full programme. Start with Essence, then complete the other topics in any order.

Once you have completed a topic, you will get a certificate to recognise your achievement.

How to register

For online learning: Use the Knowledge Hub. Follow the link at the bottom of this page to register and enrol.

For workshops: When you have completed the online learning you can make a booking for a workshop with your local Hospice.

Where to go for support

Your local Hospice support person can help you register for and access the online learning and workshops and provide other support to help you get started with the Fundamentals of Palliative Care programme.

If you have technical issues using the website or you are an organisation requiring support, contact education@hospice.org.nz.

For more information and to enrol, visit the Knowledge Hub online at knowledgehub.hospice.org.nz.

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