Life Without Regret

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“Everyone has regrets in the end, but it is important that we have as few of them as possible. For every day that I still live and breathe, I want to share my experience with others.” – Jenny

In July 2020, not long after her father passed away, 30-year-old Jenny was diagnosed with stage four colon cancer. Still in the prime of her life, Jenny sought out every type of cancer treatment available, but none were successful.

As an avid backpacker who had been to 29 countries, Jenny’s independent and open-minded personality prompted her to complete an“advance directive “so that her family would not have to make any difficult decisions on her behalf. In December 2021, Jenny held a “life party “in which she exhibited photos from her travels and shared stories of her battle with cancer. “I wanted everyone to know about my experience and if even one person could relate to it, then it was enough,”said Jenny.

Living in the Moment

Jenny’s younger brother was deeply moved by the life party. “My sister always enjoyed opening her heart up to others. The party was her way of leaving an unforgettable memory for everyone.”

As her condition worsened, Jenny began searching for palliative care and was eventually admitted to Jockey Club Home for Hospice on 4 May, 2022. By then, the cancer had metastasized to her liver, lungs and brain, but her fighting spirit remained strong. The resident doctor, Dr. Jamie Wong, adjusted Jenny’s oral medication accordingly and later medication by subcutaneous administration to alleviate her discomfort.

Dr. Jamie Wong looked after Jenny while she was at Jockey Club Home for Hospice.

A Loving Farewell

What little energy Jenny had in her final days, she used to show appreciation and love for her family as well as the clinical staff and social workers. “On Mother’s Day, she told me how much she loved me and even sent a bouquet of flowers in advance.“ said Jenny’s mother. That same day, Jenny’s pulse weakened and she passed away peacefully surrounded by her loved ones.

Even when faced with terminal cancer, Jenny never gave up, made her end of life arrangements ahead of time and lived life to the fullest. As for Jenny’s family, they hope that her vibrant spirit, now free of pain and suffering, can continue to travel the world as she would have wanted in life.

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This information was published with permission from The Society for the Promotion of Hospice Care. You can click here to read their newsletter as well as the Mandarin text for this article.

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