Live Webinar: Enhancing Quality of Life for Children with Brain Stem Glioma

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The Asia Pacific Hospice Palliative Care Network will be hosting a webinar on ‘Enhancing Quality of Life for Children with Brain Stem Glioma: Insights from a Palliative Care Team’s Experience’ on 29 August 2023 (Tues), 1-2 pm (Singapore Time). We are honoured to have Dr Min Sun Kim as our speaker for this session!

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Being diagnosed with a brain stem glioma inflicts a devastating shock upon both the patient and their family. The progression of the disease, including physical impairments like paralysis, along with feelings of helplessness due to the inability to do anything, further compounds the challenges for the child and their family. The palliative care team could play a role in helping patients and families cope with the sense of helplessness they feel, standing by their side despite it all, and enabling them to spend this time with a little less fear. The presentation shares the insights gained from this experience, shedding light on the positive influence of palliative care on the well-being of these young patients and their families.

Speaker Bio

Dr. Min Sun Kim is an Associate Professor in the Department of Paediatrics at Seoul National University Hospital in Korea. She concluded her paediatric residency and oncology fellowship within the same institution. Since 2015, when she recognized the necessity for paediatric palliative care, she has been dedicated to establishing and expanding palliative and home care for children with serious illnesses and their families in Korea.

The webinar will be hosted via Zoom. Register here.


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