Palliative Care Aotearoa Research Network

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About Us

Palliative Care Aotearoa Research Network, or PCARN, is a research network that aims to develop a space where multidisciplinary clinicians can partner with academics to work towards fostering a palliative care research community. To promote this strong culture of research and curiosity, an emphasis is placed on reinforcing the fundamental importance of Te Tiriti o Waitangi as a framework and enabler for Māori health advancement. Overall, we feel it is important to be bringing both new and existing palliative care research into the spotlight as an important and interesting body of research.

This network has been set up as a way to coordinate, mentor and support collaborations in palliative care research. We hope to facilitate a space for the generation of new research ideas, projects and implementation studies. It is necessary to take steps to connect interested people in order to develop this capacity and grow the field of palliative care research in Aotearoa. Every two years, the network will hold a palliative care research day to continue building links between those interested in palliative care and current projects.

In the interest of Te Tiriti we have placed a large focus on contributing to the advancement of Māori representation and participation within the group. This means we aim to provide support to early Māori researchers, seek opportunities for Māori community researchers, and ensure strong and meaningful relationships with Māori researchers, all to contribute to building a highly skilled palliative care Māori health research workforce. This includes building on and improving the capabilities of non-Māori group members.

Our committee has been formed with a diverse group of both academic and non-academic leads with a focus on those with clinical roles.

What you can expect:

  • Access to a repository of research resources, ideas and current projects
  • Support for new and existing research through new research ideas, mentorship of researchers, and support for funding applications
  • Invitations to the bi-annual palliative care research day
  • Connection and collaboration with a broad network of both clinicians and non-clinicians that hold a range of interests, offering support and insight into developments in palliative care

What we ask:

This network is free to join and we hope that the expertise, connections, and benefits available will bring together a community of current or potential researchers. The more people engage with the network, the more can be shared and developed!

Stay on the lookout for regular updates via our social media.

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This information was published with permission from Dr Roderick MacLeod (APHN’s ehospice editor).


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