Two-part Special Feature Podcast with Prof Cynthia Goh

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About the Episode

In this two-part episode, we commemorate the life of Prof. Cynthia Goh who passed away due to pancreatic cancer on Feb 13th 2022. Prof. Cynthia was an emeritus consultant in the Division of Supportive & Palliative Care in NCCS. She was one of the pioneers of hospice care in Singapore and was the founding president of HCA Hospice Care. She also chaired the Asia Pacific Hospice Palliative Care Network. In the first part of the episode, Prof. Cynthia talks about what palliative care entails, and shares about her journey of establishing hospice care in Singapore. In the second part, Prof. Cynthia discusses some of the most important issues in palliative care, including patient dignity, advanced care planning, and euthanasia. This episode was recorded in January 2020.

About the Podcast

Third Spacing is the yet to be defined space between cells and vessels, where fluid moves from one space to another. In sociology, the Third Space is where people meet to unwind, let down their guard and talk about things that matter to them, distinct from work and home, towards connection.

Third Spacing, the podcast makes space to explore topics surrounding clinical medicine. We talk to doctors with unusual lifepaths and passions, professors who shaped our traditions or our futures, pioneers who took risks in arts, civil society, education, research to expand the possibilities of what medicine can look like in Singapore.

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