World-first review system gives voice to the dying

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Hospice asks for participation to support societal change.  What is it like dying, while living in Aotearoa New Zealand? On May 20th a world-first online review system was introduced in New Zealand, with the aim of giving a voice to Kiwi’s dying from a terminal illness.

Nearly 40,000 people die in New Zealand every year, with close to 90 per cent of these deaths not being sudden. The dying stage of life* can take weeks, months, or years, and traverses all age groups.

Led by Te Kahu Pairuri o Aotearoa Hospice New Zealand, Dying Reviews will enable people who are dying to provide honest ratings about their experiences across all sectors of society – the great, the difficult, and the unsettling.

Wayne Naylor, CEO of Hospice New Zealand says modern living has allowed us to push dying out of sight, and out of mind.

“Our societal taboo around dying means that those living in this stage have never been asked, at scale, what it is like to walk in their shoes. Up until now, no one has been thinking about how we can do better for them,” says Naylor.

“What is it like to deal with your bank, your workplace, your telco, or council while you’re in your dying stage of life? We think Dying Reviews is the way towards a society that enables people to die well.”

The results of the review system will be used to create overall star ratings and feedback about what it’s like as a person who is dying to interact with different parts of society.

“Our hope is that the findings will be used by industries, organisations, community groups and government to highlight where they can improve and design for this last stage of life, by acknowledging and responding to the needs of people who are dying, and of course, everyone yet to come,” says Naylor.

Hospice New Zealand is encouraging anyone in their dying stage of life and their family members, to consider sharing their experiences by leaving a Dying Review.

Those who would like to participate to support societal change, should visit  The Dying Review takes between five and ten minutes to complete.



  • *The dying stage of life is defined as point when someone has accepted a terminal diagnosis and has limited time left but is still very much part of society.
  • Dying Reviews has been conceived by Clemenger BBDO on behalf of Hospice New Zealand and built by Perceptive and Levo. Dying Reviews has been co-created and refined with the help of the Palliative Care community, and Hospice New Zealand patients.

For further information or interviews please contact: 

Gretchen Leuthart for

Te Kahu Pairuri o Aotearoa Hospice New Zealand


M: 021 746 873


About Te Kahu Pairuri o Aotearoa Hospice New Zealand

Hospice New Zealand is the national body representing all hospice services in Aotearoa New Zealand.

We lead and support the hospice movement, working to ensure equity of access and consistent delivery of palliative care as a core part of the nation’s public health system.





  1. Josefina Rossetti

    We are preparing a research on the implementation of the law of universal palliative care, centered in how patients benefit of this law. We thougt , until reading this article, to interview a number of patients (60) in the 3 Chile regions where the research will be conducted. But maybe we could contact much more patients using your methodology and obtain perhaps1000 answears.
    We would appreciate in receiving information about the way you collect the information.

    Dr. Josefina Rossetti, Facultad de Medicina, Universidad de Concepción, Chile

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