Bereavement Study Invitation

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We encourage you to participate if you have experienced the death of a friend or family member. As well please pass this study on to family, friends, patients and associates who might be willing to contribute to this important research project.

Together we can make a difference!

All people who have lost a family member or friend are invited to take part in a bereavement research study. This study focuses on bereavement and what helps or hinders people in their grief recovery. You may have received an email notice of this study. You may have seen it advertised on a website.

We are doing this study because few studies on bereavement have been done. We are not clear then how to help people who have lost a family member or friend. We do know some people have long and difficult bereavements. We wonder what impacts bereavement. We also want to know more about what makes a death either good or bad. We hope to help prevent bad deaths. We also hope to help prevent long and difficult bereavements.

Any adult who has had a family member or friend pass away is asked to take part in this study. There is one 11 question online survey to complete. It will take 10-20 minutes to finish. At the end of it is an invitation to call in and talk to a researcher if you wish. All of this is voluntary. No one has to take part in this research study.

Please click on the link below if you wish to partake in this study.

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