Byelection candidates must not forget about health, aging issues

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“Politicians like to talk about issues with easy sound-bite answers,” CMA President Dr. Louis Hugo Francescutti said. “But sound bites aren’t going to build the strategy we need to ensure Canadians’ future health and well being. Health care issues have received short shrift from politicians for too long.”

The CMA announced it is running ads in Toronto Centre, Brandon-Souris, Provencher and Bourassa ridings to highlight the importance of a national seniors strategy for health and home care.

“We are not supporting any political party over the other,” he said. “We are pro-health and that’s it.”

Fourteen per cent of the Canadian population is now over 65. That percentage will rise to 25% in 2033. Yet there are no plans for a national seniors strategy for home, long-term and palliative care, Dr. Francescutti said.

“There is a silver tsunami coming and our system needs to change to meet evolving needs,” he said. “We have thousands of seniors stuck in acute-care hospital beds when they could be getting more appropriate, high-quality and cost-effective care in long-term care facilities or at home with proper assistance.”

“If all politics is truly local, there is nothing more local than the health of voters and their loved ones,” Dr. Francescutti said.

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