Calgary Music Care Conference, Music through the Lifespan

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Calgary Music Care Conference, Music through the Lifespan – Saturday, October 25, 2015

Some Speakers include:

Dr. Steve Mitchinson – Singer/Songwriter, Worship Leader and Palliative Care Physician

Paul Rumbolt – Singer, Songwriter, Musician, Storyteller,   Pastoral Minister, and a Hospice Chaplain. 

Jason and Marjorie Crigler – New York Guitarist – Defying the Odds – A Story of Music and Miraculous Stroke Recovery

Robin Rio – Associate Professor of Music Therapy, Arizona State University, Using music to connect with people with Dementia

Jennifer Buchanan – President, JB Music Therapy, TUNE-IN

Dr. Bin Hu – Suter Professor for Parkinson’s Research

Melanie Boyd – Founder of No Wrong Notes, an inclusive group-singing model where songs are shared orally in a joyful, nonjudgmental atmosphere. 

Calgary Topics include:

Music and Wellness

Music and Dementia Care

Music and Palliative Care

Music and Parkinson’s

Music and Stroke Recovery

Singing for Wellness