Canada’s Health Centres Applaud Alberta’s Next Steps to Improve Family and Community Health

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Yesterday, during a visit to Edmonton’s Boyle McCauley Health Centre, Premier Alison Redford formally announced the province’s next 24 Community Health Centres. The centres, termed Family Care Clinics (FCCs) by the provincial government, fulfill a portion of the Premier’s commitment to open 140 centres throughout the province.

According to the Government of Alberta, FCCs will: “provide access to non-emergency primary health care services, such as diagnosis and treatment of illness, screening, immunization, health promotion, chronic disease prevention and management, and links to other health and community agencies. Each is expected to provide extended hours of service, same-day appointments and access to the most appropriate member of the care team.”

The alignment of FCCs with the Community Health Centre model of care is being applauded by the Canadian Association of Community Health Centres as major progress not only for Albertans, but for Canadians from coast to coast. The association’s Chair, Jane Moloney, stated:

“Most provincial governments across Canada have been slow to improve access to effective primary health care through CHCs. Alberta is demonstrating real leadership through its commitment to invest in 140 Community Health Centres via their FCCs. This is therefore not only a very positive sign for Albertans, but also sets an important new bar for investment in Community Health Centres across Canada.”

Moloney indicated that CACHC is excited about the opportunity to collaborate with Alberta’s FCCs, citing the potential to significantly improve the wellbeing of Canadians through sharing of best practices and innovations with other CHCs across the country.

“These centres have yet to get off the ground, but in the meantime we look forward to working with our Alberta counterparts to ensure that Albertans benefit from the added-value that can be achieved by connecting these and future FCCs with other Community Health Centres across Canada and globally, through CACHC as well as the International Federation of Community Health Centres.”