Canada’s nurses encouraged by Canadian Medical Association’s end-of-life care report

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The report made it clear that Canadians want quality palliative care services for themselves and their families — care that Canada’s registered nurses (RN) are committed to providing.

“CMA’s town hall series and the subsequent dialogue report is important work,” said CNA president Barb Mildon. “Canada’s nurses, physicians and the full health team work with patients and families throughout the final stages of life to provide compassionate information and guidance to help each communicate their needs and wishes and make informed decisions. Seeing that conversation scaled up on a national level marks solid progress in the work of Canada’s health providers to secure quality end-of-life care for Canadians. Our next step is ensuring that quality end-of-life care is within reach for all Canadians, regardless of which province or territory they call home.”

CNA is a long-time advocate of enhanced palliative care services for Canadians and also supports RNs who provide this manner of care. CNA’s Code of Ethics for Registered Nurses outlines the ethical values and responsibilities, behaviours and decision-making needed to support the delivery of safe, compassionate, competent and ethical care.

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