Canadian Partnership Against Cancer marks World Cancer Day with a series of videos

Categories: Community Engagement.

These short videos, produced in partnership with Cancer organisations across Canada, represent the views of everyday Canadians from across Canada and from cancer experts who debunk some common myths. These videos can be viewed on website.

On this website you will also find other resources that help “bust” the myths that Canadians may have around cancer. The President of the Union for International Control for Cancer, Dr. Mary Gospodarowicz, who is also a physician at the Princess Margaret Hospital in Toronto, will share what she believes are the Top 5 things Canadians should know today about cancer. Dr. Heather Bryant, the Vice-president of Cancer Control at the Canadian Partnership Against Cancer, will also share what she believes are common cancer myths.

On behalf of the Canadian Partnership Against Cancer, you are invited to visit to find out more about World Cancer Day and the campaign to “bust” cancer myths.