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Carers Canada (formally known as Canadian Caregiver Coalition), established in 2000, is an alliance of diverse partner organizations that work collectively, and autonomously, to identify and respond to the needs of carers in Canada. Carers Canada’s vision is “a Canada that recognizes, respects, and values the integral role of carers in society.” Our mission is to enhance the quality of life for carers through synergistic partnerships and global advocacy that strengthens and honors the voice of carers.


Our new name is a reflection of the national and international movement to recognize and value the voice of carers in the development and implementation of policy, programs and practices. As part of the International Alliance of Carer Organizations, Carers Canada is building and supporting a network that will ignite change and shape the future for carers across Canada and around the world.

Together, we are committed to:

  • Embracing a citizen-centred approach to identify and respond to the needs of carers.
  • Collaborating with organizations, caregiver networks and governments to stimulate action.
  • Incorporating the best available evidence, expertise and experience in all decisions.


Through collaborative engagement, Carers Canada has successfully achieved a number of significant milestones since our inception. Carers Canada was a catalyst in the development and formation of the Ontario Caregiver Coalition and the Manitoba Caregiver Coalition. We continue to facilitate sharing with caregiver networks in British Columbia, Alberta, Quebec and Nova Scotia. Carers Canada is also a proud founding member of the International Alliance of Carer Organizations, a collaborative of carers organizations committed to building a global understanding of, and respect for, carers.

Carers Canada is involved in a number of initiatives to advance a Caregiver Strategy. This foundational roadmap articulates the vision, principles and strategic direction for a multi-stakeholder engagement and actions to safeguard the health and well-being of carers across Canada. Carers Canada is leading a collective movement to promote the following priority areas identified as critical to caregivers:

  1. Enhance awareness of carer needs and facilitate their voice in the structure and provision of health care.
  2. Improve access to carer and patient supports and resources.
  3. Implement various mechanisms to alleviate the financial burden placed on carers.
  4. Create supportive workplaces and educational environments that recognize carer obligations.


Building on the successes of the past, Carers Canada continues to champion the well-being of carers by:

  • Building strong relations with government stakeholders and advocating for carers’ needs.
  • Advancing carer priorities through the Mobilizing Action project which will facilitate multi-stakeholder engagement and action.
  • Facilitating networking with caregiver groups and Carers Canada Partners to leverage local activities and support the advancement of the Carer Strategy.
  • Building awareness of the value and needs of carers through national and international initiatives.


Carers Canada fosters a network of partner organizations who are committed to a common vision, mission and goals. Through a collaborative model of engagement, our partners work independently and jointly to realize mutual benefits. Partners of Carers Canada demonstrate their support through:

  • Inclusion of their organizational brand in Carers Canada communication materials.
  • Participation in Carers Canada activities.
  • Informing their stakeholders and providing input into joint projects.
  • Actively engaging in advocacy and public relations initiatives.

For more information, please visit Carers Canada.