Diversity services in Brampton’s palliative care unit

Categories: Care.

Small acts of accommodation such as rearranging  multifaith worship rooms to respectively reflect the world’s top six religions by clearing space on the ground for Sikhs to pray or adding a sink and privacy screen for Muslims to perform ablutions are examples of ways diversity can be taken into account and significantly improve a patient’s experience.  The Brampton Civic Hospital’s accommodations to diversity are apparent through the various religious rituals often witnessed as family and friends come to pay their respects to loved ones. For example, Buddhist families chanting for hours, Hindu priests coming to apply holy ash on patients’ foreheads and Sikh patients being taken promptly for cremation upon death. With Canada’s population of visible-minorities growing, diversity departments are likely to continue to appear in hospitals across the country- with many arguing for consideration of diversity as absolutely essential. Although spreading awareness about cultural and religious practices is important, the Brampton Civic Hospital’s Director of Equity reminds her team to be wary of stereotyping. Therefore emphasizing that at the end of the day, assumptions shouldn’t be made about groups and the best policy is to take direction from patients.

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