Five fantastic reasons to make a plan TODAY!

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We’ve got five great reasons: 

  1.  When you actually need one, you won’t have time to make it. Your Advance Care Plan would only be consulted if you are unable to communicate your preferences yourself. You might have time to prepare one (and share it with others) if you have a chronic illness, there may be a period of time during which you can prepare, but what if you are in an accident?
  2. It is easier to make a plan first, and then revise it later if needed. If you’re not sure exactly your wishes are, it’s much better to share your general beliefs and values regarding end-of-life care than to say nothing. That way, should it be necessary, your family and health care team will have some guidance. Remember, you can change your plan as often as you want. 
  3. It will lessen your loved ones’ guilt and suffering. There’s a lot of pressure involved in making decisions on behalf of others. Research has shown that advance care planning significantly reduces stress, depression and anxiety in family members and caregivers who know your wishes and can act with confidence on your behalf.
  4. It will allow your family to make a quick decision without arguing. Difficult healthcare decisions can be made even harder if your loved ones aren’t all on the same page. By sharing your plan, you can keep the focus on your wishes, not their opinions. Think of it as a gift to your entire family.
  5. You would want your loved ones to have one. Imagine if it was you having to make the decisions. You wouldn’t want to guess the wishes of your loved ones, so why make them guess yours?

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