Fundraising at Maison Vale Hospice

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Per year, Maison Vale Hospice cares for an average of 180 residents, with a maximum of 10 residents at a time.

Approximately 32% of Maison Vale Hospice’s expenses rely on fundraising and donations. Currently, the organization is almost half way to reaching their target.

Maison Vale Hospice holds three types of fundraisers and one mail campaign. The fundraisers are RBC Hike for Hospice, KIA Butterflies and Memories (a butterfly release) and Desjardins Wheels for Hospice (a motorcycle ride through the city and a bicycle ride through conversation area).

Maison Vale Hospice’s Fund Development Coordinator, Nathalie Depatie, explains that lack of time is one of the largest obstacles in meeting fundraising goals. She explains that the organization is holding three fundraisers and one gala this year, making it difficult to focus fundraising efforts and resources onto one event as there will be more to follow. Depatie’s advice for hospices to achieve their fundraising goals is to encourage people in the community- local groups, organizations, clubs, families, to host third party events. She suggests that hospices can support these events by providing letters, materials, etc. She explains that the more events hospices attempt to take on, the less likely it is that they will all succeed.

Depatie believes that the greatest challenge hospices will face in the coming years is continuing to retain donors and fundraising event participants. She explains that there are a number of charities competing for donations within the same community.

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