Future of health care could be Hospital @ Home

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Hospital @ Home has cared for 129 patients – 29 of which were diverted from a hospital admission by agreeing to participate in the program, saving a total of 287 hospital days.

The program provides a spectrum of services patients would not typically receive from home care, but would have access to in the hospital setting. An overview and details of the pilot were shared at a meeting of interested parties this week in Picton – about one year since the official launch.

“This is a tremendous innovative example of what the future of care could look like in Ontario,” said Stephanie MacLaren, executive director of the Prince Edward Family Health Team. “At a time when ever decreasing hospital budgets are necessitating innovative community based strategies, Hospital @ Home is is stepping up to the plate.”

Saint Elizabeth Health Care, of Markham, has been the primary care provider, to ensure a single care plan, rather than dispersal of care with several groups such as the Red Cross and Paramed who may not cross-communicate.

Admission criteria focuses on the frail elderly, people requiring palliative care, and those with complex medical needs. The most common diagnoses are congestive heart failure, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), cancer and diabetes.

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