Hospice Niagara Provides Comfort for Those Approaching End of Life

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Through her son, Macdonald was connected to Hospice Niagara, where she has been living for the past 6 weeks. There, she receives care and attention that allows her to face her own mortality with dignity. When she arrived, MacDonald was in tremendous pain, making her first three weeks at Hospice a blur. She explains that through Hospice Niagara this pain was controlled through the use of hydro morphine and the attentive care of nurses and volunteers.  She says that the calm, comfortable surrounding at Hospice has made all the difference in her battle with cancer. Her family has also echoed this sentiment, saying that they’ve noticed a real change in her and feel great relief that they now don’t have to worry about her falling. MacDonald expresses strong appreciation for the staff who will “come in and give you hugs” and refuse to allow you to make your own bed. She also enjoys the facility’s garden and the chefs that cook the patients’ meals. Macdonald urges people to volunteer with Hospice Niagara, explaining that volunteers’ contributions are integral to the wonderful service provided.

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