Hospice Profile: Hospice Greater Saint John

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The hospice is named after Catherine (Bobby) Lawson who volunteered at Hospice for 20 years and donated generously before her death in 2006. Bobby’s Hospice provides 24 hour care and supports over 120 people every year. Stories from families who have lost loved ones at Bobby’s Hospice reflect the love, support and care provided by the staff and volunteers. The only cost to patients at Hospice Greater Saint John is for medication. The remainder of costs are covered by the government and donations. The Hospice participates in several fundraisers in order to make this coverage of costs a reality, for example, Hike for Hospice and Sunflower Luncheon.  Hospice Greater Saint John also runs a second-hand boutique named The Hospice Shoppe where items are donated and then sold to raise funds for the hospice’s initiatives.

Please visit the Hospice Greater Saint John’s website for more information http://www.hospicesj.ca/

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