Ian’s Journey Through Thunder Bay

Categories: Community Engagement.

Hospice Northwest provides those facing end of life in Thunder Bay and surrounding areas with companionship, education, and support. Hospice Northwest is led by Joan Williams, who was inspired by the loss of her mother to get involved with palliative care, and she is a rare force of nature. Within the area, there is a strong community of palliative care specialists, such as Kathy Kortes-Miller, Chair of Hospice Northwest; Marg Poling, a pain management consultant; Holly Prince, who specializes in First Nations End of Life; and countless others who work together to provide better care and to push ahead with the conversation surrounding death. They all spoke passionately at the news conference and even more so at dinner afterwards; one of the most moving speeches came from volunteer John Glazier about his experiences and the gifts he has witnessed.

The conference was topped off by a moving video by Hospice Palliative Care Ontario (HPCO), in which hospices from southern Ontario offered their support for my walk. It is so incredibly humbling to have the backing of those you are trying to honor, and helping to advance their work is my primary goal.

For the full article, please go to the New Glasgow Chronicle website.

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