Improving Hospice Palliative Care through Minister Ambrose’s Panel on Healthcare Innovation

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“Through the palliative approach to care, we see great potential for innovation in hospice palliative care. Our research shows that a broad implementation of the palliative approach across settings of care would not only reduce medical costs and emergency room visits in both major cities and rural communities, but also improve quality of care for Canadians. This panel will give us the opportunity to share our work, best practices, and research with a panel of experts,” stated Sharon Baxter, Executive Director, Canadian Hospice Palliative Care Association.

Dr. David Naylor will chair the panel, along with many other prominent Canadians including Cy Frank, Neil Fraser, Francine Girard, Toby Jenkins, Jack Mintz, Chris Power, and Heather Reisman. 

The panel’s first meeting took place early this morning, where panel members discussed areas where innovation could bring the greatest value to the current health care system.

“A recent survey of family physicians and nurses working in primary health care showed the potential for the palliative approach to care to have health systems impact – such as reduced medical costs and emergency department visits – as well as the significant benefits for an individual and their family’s quality of life,” added Leanne Kitchen Clarke, Project Manager, The Way Forward.

Health care in Canada has now reached a pivotal point in which contributing more money may not be a viable solution. Ambrose hopes to move toward identifying the health care industry’s strengths, as well as give recommendations and support the already existing system. The panel plans to look at the best ideas in the health care industry and find ways to support them. Over the next year, the panel will develop ideas that unite Canada’s values and follow jurisdictional roles.

For more information on the new Advisory Panel, please visit;jsessionid=50b825a7cde3d5d0413df9f35a26012fe14fc306382a0f96bcbc9fd5ebe9b295.e38RbhaLb3qNe34Sah10?mthd=index&   

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