Inching closer to half-way point

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This week alone, I have experienced all of these moments and I have never felt more sure that I am where I am suppose to be right now.

I visited with the Lady Dunn Health Centre in Wawa, where they provide palliative care to the small town so families don’t have to travel south for care. It’s a program early in development but they are passionate about implementing more ways to improve end of life care for their community.

I met many amazing Canadians; Danny and Natalie from Kitchener who cooked up dinner and played music for me at White Lake; Raj and his family from Grande Prairie who helped with breakfast early one morning; Matt and his girlfriend who bought my lunch in Marathon and countless others. Each day I wake up excited to find out what adventure awaits on the road, inching closer to Thunder Bay and the half-way point.

Thank you all for your support, it means so much to know my community is behind me and all the positive comments really lift me on the tough days. We are in this together.

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