Peel Region Needs More Palliative Care Resources

Categories: Policy.

Peel Regional Council recently passed a resolution highlighting the need for additional resources for palliative care. (Resolution Number 2013-617).

Volunteers, day programs and spiritual support can help people remain comfortable at home longer, and residential hospice offers individuals an alternative to hospital. Hospice palliative care saves taxpayer money by lightening the burden to the health care system and providing services at a lower cost than hospital care – and which provides excellent acute care.

The Peel Regional Council supports the advocacy efforts of the QHPCCO and HPCO to work with the Government of Ontario and the Local Health Integrated Networks to provide Ontario’s hospice palliative care sector with the significantly increased funding required to enhance, build and sustain an integrated system of quality, safe, coordinated and comprehensive hospice palliative care services.

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