Statement By Charlie Angus On His Pan-Canadian Palliative Care Motion

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Once again, New Democrats are proud to contribute to ensuring a strong federal role in public health care that improves palliative and end of life care for Canadians.

As Canada’s ageing population puts unique stresses on our medical system, it is increasingly important that we have a coherent strategy for palliative and end of life care across Canada.

This is an issue that touches every Canadian and leaves an impact on every single family. When we have good options for palliative care, we can ease the many burdens on families so they are able make these difficult transitions. Where the services are fragmented, too many people fall through the cracks – right when they need support the most.

We are happy there was all-party support for a Pan-Canadian Strategy for Palliative and End of Life Care as laid out in NDP motion M-456. Together, we must thank the many people and organizations across the country who worked hard to advance this important issue.

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