Terrace Hospice Society

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Their mission is to offer support to clients, family and friends throughout the last stage of illness, at the time of death and during bereavement.

Trained Volunteer Visitors offer 1:1 support to people with life threatening illnesses and their families at home, in hospital or in Residential care.  They also support people who have endured loss or change in their lives.

The Terrace Hospice employs a part-time coordinator who:

  • holds debriefing amongst active volunteers to evaluate care and promote ongoing wellness;
  • updates educational and resource materials;
  • liaises and links with other community resources to promote smooth, integrated services to clients.

Regular ongoing programs offered by the Terrace Hospice include

  1.  A Quarterly Terrace Hospice society newsletter
  2. Lending Library – extensive supply of resources on end of life issues and grief support
  3. Outreach programs – Such as Angel boxes for women who miscarry or have stillborns – as well as Memory tapes – which records a palliative person’s life story or personal message

Positive feedback received – which is supportive of the beneficial role of the Terrace Hospice Coordinator and volunteers include comments such as:

“They were very helpful to me and allowed me some respite every day to do shopping and continue some sort of normalcy to my life which had been overtaken by this drastic life changing event” 

“We knew about hospice and had been supportive of it, but then we were faced with doing 24 hour nursing care. Friends encouraged me to contact hospice, as did our family physician.  It proved to be an invaluable service during a stressful time.”

With the aging of our population, there is potential that by 2026, the number of Canadians dying each year will increase by 40%.   Together we can meet this growing demand by choosing to support and advocate for local hospices throughout Northern BC.

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