The Canadian Network of Palliative Care for Children

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The purpose of the CNPCC is to develop, coordinate and maintain a Canadian network for pediatric hospice palliative care. We also desire to collaborate on national and international activities and initiatives in the field of pediatric hospice palliative care and to seek opportunities for partnerships. We assume a role of leadership in pediatric hospice palliative care in Canada and advocate for the needs of children with life-threatening illness and their families.

The CNPCC is led by an executive committee that includes representation from across the country. The CNPCC also has a sub-committee, called the Canadian Network for Pediatric Hospice (CNPH) that fosters collaboration and sharing among pediatric residential hospices in Canada. The CNPH also provides leadership about pediatric palliative care to residential hospice settings.

The CNPCC website can be found at . Dr. Mike Harlos developed and maintains the website, which includes information about the CNPCC, minutes from executive meetings, access to the newsletter, as well as many links to documents, presentations, and pediatric palliative care information from around the world. We also have an email discussion list where members of the interest group can participate. If you have an interest in becoming a part of the CNPCC list serve, please send an email request to Cheryl Spencer at: The CNPCC also meets annually at the CHPCA conference.

We look forward to continuing to improve pediatric palliative care in our country!

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