The Honourable Sharon Carstairs, Senator (retired), Senate of Canada

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Political involvement moved from the dinner table to the grassroots in Nova Scotia, Alberta and Manitoba. She has been a campaign volunteer, candidate and provincial MLA in Manitoba. In 1988, she led the Liberal Party in Manitoba to a monumental election gain and became the first woman to lead the Official Opposition in a Canadian Legislative Assembly.


After a very successful run as Leader of the Opposition, Senator Carstairs was appointed to the Senate by Prime Minister Chrétien on September 15, 1994 to represent the province of Manitoba. She has served on the Aboriginal Peoples committee as well as the Agriculture and Forestry; Social Affairs, Science and Technology and the Internal Economy, Budgets and Administration Committee. She has been the Chair of the Legal and Constitutional Affairs Committee and the Sub-Committee to update “Of Life and Death” and Deputy Chair of the Special Committee on Illegal Drugs. Senator Carstairs represented the Senate on the Parliamentary Buildings Advisory Council from 1997-2001. From 1997 to 1999 Senator Carstairs served as the first woman to be Deputy Leader of the Government in the Senate.
As Leader of the Government in the Senate, Senator Carstairs was a member of Cabinet and was the government’s representative in the Upper Chamber. She was also responsible for answering all questions for the Government during the Senate’s Question Period and shepherding government bills through the Senate.

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