The most surprising thing about children’s palliative care

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“The most surprising thing I have learnt about paediatric palliative care is that it is not just about endings. Palliative care is really a steady arm to lean on: it supports you to make your time together the best it can be, and it helps families take some control back over their lives.” 

These words from Fiona Stewart, Joseph’s mom, illustrate the importance of educating the public about the value of children’s palliative care. So many people still believe that palliative care is just about end of life care. The Little Stars films WILL CHANGE THEIR MINDS. Each short film in the series focuses on one child’s story and celebrates the life affirming and joyful moments that palliative care can provide for them and their families. You can watch Joseph’s Story here. 

ICPCN’s shared campaign with Moonshine Movies to raise AUD$65 000 for the making of a feature length film on children’s palliative care has 3 days to go. If you have not already done so, we urge you to consider a donation of any amount to ensure that the full length feature film will be complete to premiere at the UICC Congress in Melbourne this December. The World Cancer Congress is the leading gathering place for leaders, policy-makers, activists and media who can begin the process of making children’s palliative care a reality for all those who need it. 

In the words of Fiona Stewart, “It’s only society’s attitude that limits us.” This film will change people’s attitudes to children’s palliative care and increase awareness of its value. 

Please help us with this final push for what we believe to be a very worthwhile cause by donating and by sharing this request amongst all your contacts. Read more and donate here

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