Toronto Central LHIN leads the way with Innovative Palliative Care Education for Long-Term Care Homes

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During the month of March, the Toronto Central Local Health Integration Network (LHIN) organized and hosted three two-day Learning Essential Approaches to Palliative care (LEAP) Long-Term Care (LTC) workshops, training 60 long-term care home staff in palliative care.

The audience comprised a mix of physicians, nurses, personal support workers, recreation and spiritual care staff. LEAP LTC supports best practice to include the full inter-professional care team, including champion Personal Support Workers (PSWs) and Health Care Aids (HCAs) in formalized training.

Evaluations have shown that LEAP learners demonstrate significant improvement in knowledge, comfort and attitudes after training. With this added training, long-term care staff are better equipped to meet the needs of their residents and improve their quality of life.

The Toronto Central LHIN was among the first adopters of the LEAP LTC course in Canada. Beginning in 2012, Pallium Canada’s National LEAP Advisory Committee and Long-Term Care Working Group reviewed the LEAP Core materials and delivery for adaptation to the care needs of the long-term care setting.

Pallium Canada anticipates rapid expansion of LEAP LTC training across the country as currently only 16 to 30 per cent of Canadians have access to quality palliative and end-of-life services. Pallium Canada’s LEAP courseware suite includes additional care-settings, including: LEAP Core, LEAP Mini, LEAP Oncology, LEAP Paramedic, LEAP Undergrad and LEAP Essential Conversations. For more information, please visit

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