TVN Webinar – January 23 at 12:00 EST

Categories: Community Engagement.

This Program is non-traditional and unique in that we are seeking researchers with potential projects within selected themes and  interested in achieving greater impact by collaborating with other like-minded researchers and projects, and partnering with industry partners, knowledge users and trainees on a wider basis. Researchers will submit Expressions of Interest (EOI), then selected EOIs will participate in theme protocol meetings, and partner to submit final collaborative applications. Knowledge users and other partners will be encouraged to participate at all stages of the program.

Because this new program does not follow the traditional grant application structure and process, a webinar is being held that will describe the goals, structure, process and expected outcomes of the competition. This Webinar will be of interest to potential researchers, partners and stakeholders interested in participating in the SIG competition, and it is strongly suggested that researchers interested in submitting an EOI participate.

Details on the Strategic Impact Grants Program, EOI eligibility and requirements are outlined in the attached Program Guidelines (Lignes directrices), and the EOI Application and Application Instructions can be found on the “Funding Opportunities” page at
For further information on the Strategic Impact Grant Program, please contact Mr. Young T. Kim, Research Program Manager, at, or 613-549-6666, x.6208.