Why we all need to have end of life conversations

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Chochinov says that “discussing death allows you to make plans and to make your wishes known to loved ones. It allows you to state your preferences, affirm your values and clarify your choices.”

He suggests opening up to family members and expressing your end-of-life wishes while you’re still in good health. He suggests, “If all this sounds too daunting, here is some language you might want to consider. Imagine turning to the person you have in mind and begin by saying something like, “I love you.” If that feels like a stretch, you can always start with: “Look, I care about you, most of the time” or “What matters to you matters to me.” “When one of us gets sick or is facing the end, is there anything we should know about each others wishes, to make sure we each get what we want?” You can also speak with your doctor and ask him or her about an advance directive and naming a healthcare proxy – that is, someone who will speak on your behalf when you are no longer able to do so for yourself.”

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