Palliative Care Works 10th Annual Conference – Report

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The title of this year’s PCW conference was “The Changing Landscape of Palliative Care Education.”

The keynote presentation by Professor Heather Richardson highlighted the pivotal opportunities available to enhance the reach of Global Palliative Care. These included examples of using strategic networking partnerships and emerging technologies such as (narrow) AI.

With an eye to demonstrating effectiveness, there was a quantitative review of the impact of Palliative Care Works projects ably presented by Professor Fiona Rawlinson and in depth illuminating feedback from some of these projects in Tanzania, Kenya and Ethiopia.
There followed two excellent Zoom presentations of current inspiring work in Senegal and Nepal championing Palliative and Rehabilitative Care.
Back in the room we heard from the  Chair of Hospice Ethiopia, Sue Mumford, followed by a powerful account of the remarkable development of training though Hospice Africa Uganda and Palliative Care in Conflict zones including Gaza from Dr. Moira Leng.
Not to be outdone, first hand pioneering ,community based Palliative Care work in Rwanda was then presented by two dedicated nurses, Marje Niiblock and Sharon Deeming.
After a generous buffet lunch,  a group of doctors and nurses who had just completed the Multi-Professional Academy Course at St. Christopher’s Hospice spoke of the impact of the course.
They were from Armenia, Kenya, Indonesia and Croatia and were clearly highly motivated to develop Palliative Care in their respective communities and care settings.
The final presentation was by Dr Paul Myres, the Chair of Starlight of Hope Hospice, Lesotho, who told of bold plans to achieve the first Hospice in the Country with the secured Patronage of the Kingdom’s Queen and Prime minister.
Small group sessions explored the way forward particularly for the overseas delegates using the wealth of experience of the amazing speakers and other delegates.
This was a rich and varied day which was a privilege to attend. It will remain long in the memories of all who were there as a hallmark tribute to all that is best in Global Palliative Care.

Dr Steve Dyer
Retired Consultant in Palliative Medicine



  1. Àndrew Adeck Omuse

    I have just read, it was very potential conference and great ideas presented and practically what is happening in different countries Kenya, Tanzania Senegal, Nepal and Ethiopia and very good example for the comping up countries like South Sudan will learn from other countries as we embark fully in our Palliative care education projects in our country. Thank you all the participants and presenters, you doing a tremendous work for capacity building to make palliative care reaches every globally.

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