A cut for cancer in Bangalore, India

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Roshni D Talera, a 19 year old girl, shaved her head on World Cancer day at Mirrors & Within, (the beauty destination for Bangaloreans) at UB City Mall, Bangalore to create awareness of cancer and to show support for cancer patients all over the world. 

Two months ago a young girl walked into Karunashraya, wanting to know what we do exactly. After taking her around the hospice and explaining the services rendered here, she revealed to us that she was planning a fund raising event for world cancer day. 

That was the beginning of the wonderful journey leading up to “Cut Cancer – A Cut-a-thon to raise funds for those who are affected with Cancer”, an initiative by Roshni D Talera. 

For two months, Roshni and her group of friends worked tirelessly to spread the word on cancer awareness and to raise funds for Karunashraya – a hospice offering free professional palliative care for advanced stage cancer patients, and CCK (curable cancer in kids) – an organization which facilitates the provision of  free medicines for children (6 months to 14 years) suffering from cancer. 

On 4 February 2013, UB City Mall was transformed into a noisy area bustling with activity. On arrival all guests were given ribbon badges as a display of support towards those affected by cancer. There were many stalls selling head bands, t-shirts, bookmarks, and much more, all centred on the theme of cancer. The proceeds from the sale of these items were donated towards Karunashraya and CCK. 

Roshni had organized the evening to be both entertaining as well as informative. It comprised a cancer awareness talk, cancer survivors sharing their experiences and common myths about cancer being clarified. Representatives from both organizations were invited to explain their services. A live band enthralled the audiences with popular numbers. 

Towards the end of the programme, Roshni and a few others shaved their heads, pledging their solidarity with people living with cancer, and ensuring that the event was grand success with supporters from all walks of life coming together for a noble initiative and a worthy cause. 

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