Covid-19 pandemic and Mental Health:

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Experiences of Organising Services at a Mental Health Care Institution – A monograph by AIIMS, New Delhi   

The Department of Psychiatry & National Drug Dependence Treatment Centre (NDDTC), All India Institute of Medical Sciences, New Delhi has published a monograph ‘Covid-19 pandemic and Mental Health: Experiences of Organising Services at a Mental Health Care Institution’.

The monograph includes a collection of articles, writings, experiences, discussions about strategies and activities they adopted to overcome the challenges of COVID-19 and could potentially serve as a model for continued functioning of mental health services in a tertiary care set up in a pandemic situation in future.

The monograph has four sections:

I. Academic papers and commentaries on various areas of service delivery/various services provided by the Department of Psychiatry and NDDTC during the pandemic. The learnings/teachings/challenges in the process of developing or delivery of services are included.

II. Literary-academic-creative contributions rooted in COVID-19 theme. This section has writings from the residents and faculty members including any psychological- philosophical insights of relevance to pandemic, personal-professional narratives and creative write-ups, poems, art/painting, humanistic story and relevant irony/humor.

III. Published research (original, reviews, letters etc.) from the department and NDDTC with COVID-19 theme, reproduced with prior permission from journal editors.

IV. Resource material related to COVID 19 developed by the department.

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