‘Deadly Diagnosis’ – A poem by Dr Sushma M N

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The Indian Association of Palliative Care celebrated this year’s World Poetry Day by publishing ‘A symphony of Words: A collection of poems‘ penned by our very own friends from the palliative care community. We continue to share a poem, each week, for our friends to enjoy!

The poem for this week, Poem #19 of 25..

‘Deadly Diagnosis’ – A poem by Dr Sushma M N, Bengaluru, India

Night after night falls,
I stare at the blank walls.

The mind is hit by thoughts, like a pebble,
That creates waves in a calm puddle.

Life has taken multiple turns,
Some beautiful ones and few painful burns.

Needs, wants and things desired,
With wishes and prayers that went unheard.

Heart stabbed which feels wrecked,
With faces laughed, pitied and smirked.

The body and mind are numb and tired,
The lifeless soul inside feels weird.

Angry, hopeless and dead inside,
Yet, a compelled smile for the world outside.

The aims yet to be achieved,
Goals yet to be accomplished.

Only for the sake of what I owe,
I shall live through the life’s flow.

About the poet:
Dr Sushma M N is a Medical Manager – Palliative Care Program at the Swami Vivekanada Youth Movement at Bengaluru.

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