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About the Poet: Dr Deepak Sudhakaran

Dr Sudhakaran is a Doctor at Pallium India. He is a Malayali at heart and was born in the land of Shivaji. He believes that a world within 4 walls will not suffice and strives to transform health care into human care.


The poem ‘Home’ is Dr Sudhakaran’s perception of the essence of what he and his team do for their patients at Pallium.


Home, A place where everyone can dream,
How life should be as free as a stream.
Bonds forever are made in here,
Beautiful times with our dear and near.
In thus seemingly a normal life, 
Came a monster which will push them to a life long strife.
Its the day they realise their body is ill,
Its not just on the surface because soon it may kill.
Living in the fear of what tomorrow may be like,
Dark times cloud their life and keeps rising as if an uphill hike.
This hike is not one of pleasure or achievement,
But that of life long suffering and deceivement.
Their every hope may get dashed,
Sooner or later their grip over life may get weak and slashed.
At such times there should come a ray of hope,
A group of hearts because of whom they can cope.
The suffering is there but there are hands to hold,
These hands hold steady while hearing stories of distress untold.
These hands wipe the tears of pain,
All they do is to caress and to care.
They wish to treat them as if a family of their own,
They create an ambience in which seeds of compassion are sown.
With strolls and words that will brighten their heart,
The darkness recedes and it feels like a new start.
They find their forever place,
Where they wish to live and die in solace.
Providing that to the suffering is the only intention,
A service which walks along a person’s every situation.
We do what we do to the hilt and to the maximum,
WE are one and we are Pallium. 

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